How to lay artificial grass?

Here is a brief insight what goes into fitting artificial grass lawns to the highest of standards.

I thought it would be a good idea to give you a brief insight into what an artificial grass installation consists of. Following on from a detailed site survey where all the materials have been quantified and ordered, on the day of the start our project manager and lead installer will have a site meeting to determine any idiosyncrasies in the job.

I hope you find it interesting and look forward to discussing your artificial grass project in the near future.

Philip Woods, Proprietor

First job will be to use the Camon turf cutter to remove the sods of turf, this machine slices under the turf making it easy to roll up and usually dispose of. We then carry on excavating the site until we are approximately 50mm to 100mm below the finish level of the job. again disposing of any waste “muck”. In nearly all residential jobs this is barrowed away by hand into a skip for legal and ethical recycling.

Fitting artificial grass in Essex - turf and sod removal
Fitting artificial grass in Essex - compacting sub base layer

Next is to lay a geotextile weed membrane just in case all the root matter is not removed, this also stops our sub base material mixing in with the sub soil over time, keeping two distinct layers and preserving the integrity of the material. We then install our sub base material, consisting of crushed granite also known as grano dust or grit sand (6mm to dust) allowing a dynamic sub base being both very stable but also permeable to allow for good drainage.

This is then compacted (twice) and screed by hand to give a perfectly flat base, although not necessarily level as in most cases we will follow the natural contours of the garden. Dependant on the use required we will then either lay a shockpad layer (akin to underlay under your lounge carpet) or lay the grass directly onto the sub base.

Any joints are then engineered using an aqua bond adhesive and a 300mm joining strip. The artificial grass is then “cut in” to the exact shape of the edging or garden border. Last but by no means least the artificial grass is then covered evenly using a drop spreader with kiln dried or silica sand to give the job substance, reduce possible expansion and help the pile remain upright. The job is then brushed using a mechanical brush to brush in the sand and brush up the pile.

Fitting artificial grass in Essex - turf and sod removal
Artificial grass on the roll in Essex garden

No degradable products are used i.e. timber frame as this will potentially rot in a short space of time. we also never use sharp sand as a sub base, as this is not stable enough for a job of this kind. Most residential jobs can be completed in a matter of days transforming a garden from a quagmire, into a 365 days a year usable space for all the family (and your pets).

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How we lay your artificial grass

Read our brief insight into the work that goes into fitting artificial grass lawns to the highest of standards.