The Grass Can Always Be Greener

With the future weather forecast to be changeable at the least, it will be the first chance for some of us to venture out to our Essex gardens and assess the work required for the coming year. Fencing, Paving, Planting will be some of the items on the agenda, but probably the area giving us most concern will be the lawn.

The climate settling into what seems a pattern of wet, rather than cold winters, the lawn is taking the brunt, with some turning into what resembles a peat bog rather than a finely manicured lawn to be proud of! This is why so many of us are now considering the option of artificial grass rather than the real thing. With the advancement of the product itself, now not resembling something from the local greengrocers stall but with the quality products supplied by Essex Artificial Lawns some are saying its indistinguishable from the real thing! Many of us will consider this option sooner rather than later, in fact in Essex, as many as one in four have already done so.
If your main concern is a soggy lawn, other considerations will have to be taken than just choosing the pile height and colour. Like many projects preparation is the key. It’s not just a case of laying this magic carpet over existing grass. Excavating, levelling and drainage will be the main items that need tackling to create the perfect end product.
The site will need excavating, including removal of the existing turf, professionals will have turf cutters, the DIY enthusiast will probably use a spade and fork!
Then there is a the matter of removing the sods, we calculate 1 ton of soil per 10 square meters will need to be removed to allow for a sufficient engineered sub-base to do the job properly.

The Sub-base should be a good quality aggregate that binds together well, but is still permeable. Sand is not the solution as it is not stable enough and becomes too wet in the winter and too dry in summer. This followed by a Geotextile Weed Membrane, not only to stop any root matter left un-dug, but to separate the sub soil from the base material and prevent erosion and the base integrating with the soil over time. Also avoid the use of timber in constructing a ‘frame’ to fix the grass to, any timber concealed in the ground will not last!
Once the grass is rolled out and cut to shape, an infill of Silica Sand should be drop spread in then brushed in to maintain the pile integrity, add weight to the job and reduce any possibility of over expansion when the temperature rises over 25 degrees C.
Essex Artificial Lawns will install your lawn to this standard so it will last years and years with absolute minimal maintenance, giving a lawn that is now usable 365 days a years, suitable for children and pets a like.

Happy Easter, try to venture out in the garden, we are always here with help and advice should you consider the option of Artificial Grass for your garden.

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