Artificial Grass Products

Fake grass products in Essex

The most advanced high quality fake grass available in the UK

Being an Independent business we are free to choose from the whole of the market for our clients grass, unlike a franchise or manufacturer who are limited to the products they can offer. After many trade shows and a continual search for the best products we think you will agree that our choice and variety is second to none.

The staff at Essex Artificial Lawns have been installing artificial  grass, also known as fake grass or astro turf in Essex for 10 years. We are now offering the most advanced fake grass available on the market to customers throughout Essex. Whether you are looking to transform your front garden, back garden, or even your very own sports pitch, our fake grass has the answer.

All products installed are manufactured in Europe to exacting EU standards and are the most realistic fake grass’s we have ever seen. A finer than normal multi colour green pile with over 50% more grass per square meter than our competitors, means you really need to look twice to confirm it is fake!

It can be used to transform any area and is the ideal solution for a children’s play area, balcony or poolside space. Oryzon and Lano fake lawns are part of our pet-friendly range, guaranteed non-toxic and colourfast. Add to this the benefits of  no more mowing, weeding, feeding, and mud will be a thing of the past, plus it will always look immaculate and is totally safe for you and your pets 365 days a year !

All Products come with the CE mark, showing the manufacturer’s declaration that the product meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives

The grass IS always greener in an Essex Artificial Lawns garden!

Looking after your fake grass.

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Artificial Grass FAQs

 New Seville  42mm

Seville is an addition to the 2022 range , we have added it because it is silkiest grass we have ever seen ! With virtually no maintenance or excessive infilling this is ideal for areas where children will have hours of fun.
This product, which is manufactured in the EU to exacting standards also has 50% more grass per sq meter than any other  product.
Coming in a deep shade of green , giving a natural lawn look, and together with a thatch infill, it looks and feels better than the real thing !

Barcelona 40mm/25mm

Added to the product range in 2018 this introduces a grass with a vibrant green hue, perfect for more contemporary projects and now come in two pile heights (40mm and 25mm) and is also available with a PU backing which is perfect for dog owners, and now the 40mm pile height is available in 5m widths !

 Valencia 40mm

Valencia from LAno has been updated and is a fresh natural looking medium pile height grass. With 4 shades of  green For the person who loves a longer natural look.

New Madrid 2021 34mm/25mm

An affordable yet luxurious product with the same high quality as the entire range. Manufactured in Belgium, Madrid is a favourite with pets, as it doesn’t get in the way of their small paws and feels like a well mowed luxurious surface, and comes in a natural looking olive shades. Also available in 5m widths and two pile heights. This upgraded product for 2021 is now completely recyclable, so you can be assured when it has come to the end of its life none of it will go to land fill.

Multi Play  18mm

A shorter pile height suitable for any surface including balconies and over decking. This grass is also suitable for for play area’s and comes in a range of colours from Powerful Pink to Turquoise Blue!  Still comes with a Marine Latex backing for long lasting wear.


Nylon Pro Putt 16mm

Top Grade golfing product fitted throughout the country for many amateur golfers, plus a project for European Tour Pro Richard McEvoy. Can  be installed within any back gardens for a mini golfing experience.. Pop in a few holes and keep up to scratch!

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